About us

Introducing “ASP REGGIO EMILIA- Città delle Persone(REGGIO EMILIA City of the People), a non-profit, public welfare company for elders, people with disabilities and and underprivileged minors, focusing on the persons, their families, their life context and communities.

Multi-residence, full and part-time housing facilities for senior citizens; aids for daily activities; health care, rehabilitation, hotel services; social and entertainment activities.
Main service offer: 7 nursing homes, 7 senior community centres, 1 residential care facilitie, 19 board and care homes.
Full and part-time housing facilities with educational programs aimed and maintaining and developing personal and social independence; help and care activities; entertainment activities; occupational, and community activities.
Main service offer: 1 housing facility for adult disabled, 7 emancipation apartments, 2 part-time housing facilities.
Community-life learning and tutoring services; hospitality and accommodation at educational housing, home care, after-school stay-and-care; temporary accomodation of alone foreign minors; hostels and housing for young adults. Main service offer: 3 educational-residential facilities, 1 home-care, educational facility, 1 part-time home-care service, 1 after-school stay-and-care facility, 1 temporary accomodation of alone foreign minors, apartments for young adults, 24H coordination service of fast accomodation, and tutor management.
Minor welfare services focused on the vulnerable subjects and their families to provide them some extent of support, and protection as well as to spread opportunities for meetings and gatherings across the territory.
Main service offer: family support services and specialized peer companions, home tutors, follow-up of social/family service requests, territorial educational services, promotion and training of volunteering tutors, cohousing facilities, and residential block management.

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